We spend our lives fulfilling two basic physical needs to maintain, nourish, revitalize, and prolong our lives:

  1. Consumption (eating, drinking. etc.)
  2. Motion
    1. Mind “movement” (thinking)
    2. Body “movement” (breathing and other functions of the internal organs and external limbs)
    3. Sex

Life will cease if either of the two basic conditions is not fully or properly satisfied. Without consumption of nutrients, life is expected to cease within ten days. Without proper consumption of nutrients, life will shorten. Without motion, the body will atrophy. Without proper motion, the body will weaken. The effects of inactivity are immediately obvious, unlike those of starvation. When breathing (made possible by diaphragm contraction and expansion) ceases, death results within minutes. If the heart stops beating, death results within seconds. Any variation in the motions of other organs, as in intestinal peristalsis, will also lead to complications. It was with these considerations in mind that the ancient Taoists created the Tao of Revitalization, the philosophy and method of thinking, breathing, and moving.

Tao of Revitalization is a system of many balanced mental and physical movements, called Internal Exercises. The Internal Exercises heal and energize the internal organs―the proper function of which is the key to youth, immunity against disease, and true health―through deceleration, smoothness, quietness, precision, naturalness, and an internal emphasis. In these respects the Internal Exercises differ vastly from the “external exercises,” which include sports, martial arts, bodybuilding, Hatha Yoga, aerobic dancing, and other activities that primarily emphasize the external figure. The stress, strain, pain, contortions and injuries associated with external exercises deplete the body of its energy and disturb the delicate functions of the internal organs. In this weakened state the body cannot fight off invasion by viruses or other disease-causing agents and regenerate or repair itself, leading to any number of illnesses and premature aging. Furthermore, building strong external muscles is now impractical, as our society no longer requires hunting skills or the ability to excel at physical combat. Muscular bodies do not protect the body against disease-causing agents; internal organs do. That is why, in Tao of Revitalization, the emphasis is upon motions that are natural to the inclinations of the body and that energize, heal, and regenerate the entire body through “exercising” the internal organs. But if one must do external exercises, one must also do internal exercises to recover what is depleted.

The creator of this system of movements was the Yellow Emperor, whose original, untranslated name for the Tao of Revitalization is Yǎng Shēng Shù. One can define the original words as the achievement of a happy, healthy, and long life through the utilization of mental and physical movements to prevent and correct all ailments, reverse the aging process, and improve all functions of the body.

Tao of Revitalization has a six-thousand-year-long history of success. Upon realizing its enormous medicinal potential, the Yellow Emperor gave the Tao of Revitalization the title “The Foremost of Therapies.” In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tze called it the “best therapeutic method for promoting and prolonging life.” Its reverent and faithful practitioners are multitudinous. And it was effective even when its expansive teachings were fragmented and disarranged.

Many versions of the Tao of Revitalization exist, each with appropriately descriptive names. These names, however, do not reflect the true meaning and function of the Tao of Revitalization. One version is Tao-Yin, which means the utilization of thought, tools, and certain body movements to guide the flow of energy to heal ailments of all kinds. Presently, this version of the Tao of Revitalization is immensely popular in Japan. Do-in, as it is called in Japan, is taught in Do-in clubs organized in every city, village, and neighborhood. Club members meet once or many times a week to help and encourage each other in the practice of selected methods of Do-in, thereby preventing and treating diseases. The form of Tao of Revitalization that is popular in China is Chi-Kung, also called Nei-Kung. The term Chi-Kung translates to Breathing or Energizing Exercises. The term Nei-Kung translates to Internal Exercises.

In China, a scientific study was conducted on Chi-Kung therapy by Dr. Pao Ling. His work, published in Guolin Research Report, involved 2,873 terminal cancer patients who took part in an experiment wherein Chi-Kung therapy was used to treat their afflictions. Within a six-month period, about 12% of the patients were cured and about 47% showed significant improvements in their conditions. About 41% showed no improvement. Another experiment involving school children was conducted to test one part of Chi-Kung―the eye exercises. Their exercise routine was accompanied by music and instructional intercom announcements. As results of the eye exercises; farsightedness, nearsightedness, and other eye problems became a rare affliction. Other experiments conducted on Chi-Kung therapy demonstrated tremendous and rapid efficaciousness against sinus allergies, hemorrhoids, prostate problems, and aging. In the hospitals, clinics, and health organizations of China, Chi-Kung therapy reigns supreme above other treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, and acupuncture. Its effectiveness was found to lie in its ability to cure and prevent disease.

In the United States after many years of Internal Exercises courses taught by Dr. Chang, a scientific study was conducted on the Internal Exercises by Dr. Cecilia Rosenfeld in 1976. After practicing the Internal Exercise and experiencing an immediate improvement in health, Dr. Rosenfeld decided to prescribe these exercises to her patients. Internal Exercises were taught to her patients and within one week, about 80% of the patients showed positive results. Then eight nurses were hired, taught about the Internal Exercises, and trained in the instruction and supervision of patients. Afterward, several patients were assigned to each nurse after the patients were examined and given a prescription of specific Internal Exercises. Most patients reported that they experienced immediate improvements in health, without feeling pain or discomfort, and the nurses themselves reported that they had boundless energy even after a day of performing and demonstrating the exercises. As one nurse explains it: “It used to be that a nurse’s life was miserable. Every day all we saw was sickness, suffering, pain, and death. We heard only complaints. The patients never called the nurse to say ‘Isn’t it a nice day?’ After working eight hours on our feet, we felt as if we were ready to die. But now, since we started using these exercises―a hundred times a day―we feel as if we’re ready to jump through the roof at the end of the day! We have so much energy we can’t stand it anymore!”

As a result of this study, the Internal Exercises became a subject of study in many universities, colleges, medical schools, hospitals, and the general public.

For ten years the Internal Exercises were introduced to the American public through Dr. Chang’s (The) Book of Internal Exercises (which was later expanded to the current edition The Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises). It struck a chord with the American and later European and South American publics because testimonials are still being received forty years later as to the exercises’ effectiveness. These testimonials are generally typified by the one offered by Tony L.: “I’ve suffered from 400/20 vision and astigmatism most of my life. After learning about the Eye Exercises I had the opportunity to apply it during a cross-country flight to New York where I had a business meeting. For the entire length of the flight I did nothing but the exercises. After several hours of exercising I was pleasantly surprised by the significant improvement in my vision. I could see without my glasses for the first time in my life! I continued doing my exercises throughout my trip and my vision continued to get better.”

What underlies such miraculous results?

Prevention, a principle of Tao of Revitalization is one key to the Internal Exercises’ efficacy: if minor health problems do not develop, major health problems do not develop; and if major health problems do not develop, we will not die. So the primary purpose of Tao of Revitalization is to help people increase their lifespan.

Therefore, Tao of Revitalization is not a sport. It is not designed to provoke competition and strenuous movements, increase stress or tension, deplete energy, or, in other words, decrease one’s lifespan. Neither is it a form of martial art. Unlike Kung Fu, Karate, etc., it involves neither strenuous movements nor tension. Although the movements in T’ai Chi Chuan appear slow, they actually build tension, because it was originally designed for combat. However, one aspect of T’ai Chi Chuan, that of the unification of mind and body, is similar to that of Tao of Revitalization. Furthermore, Tao of Revitalization is not Hatha Yoga in that it does not overwhelm the body with a series of twisting, bending, or stretching poses and motions. Lastly, Tao of Revitalization is not another form of meditation, because the objective of the most popular forms of meditation is to “empty” the mind―inactivate the mind. The mind cannot be emptied, because directing it to do so is itself an activation of the mind.

In the Tao of Revitalization, the emphasis has been lifted to internal rather than external development. Initially the Tao of Revitalization involves physical movement, but as one’s practice gradually becomes refined, one’s concentration upon physical movement will be reduced and one’s concentration upon internal movement will be increased. One will become still externally, but alive and active internally. Anything that does not meet these principles is not Tao of Revitalization.Its strength also lies in its flexibility. Anybody, regardless of age, health, or condition, can practice the exercises of his or her choice anytime, anywhere. No equipment is necessary. The most basic of metabolic processes, breathing, can be transformed by the appropriate Tao of Revitalization techniques into a powerful therapy. The conscious state of mind and body movement are also potential therapies.

The heartwarming and life-changing benefits so immediately reaped from a sincere and selfless application of any of the exercises are enough to instill within us a kind of fervor which of itself will move us forward along the path of greater understanding, longevity, and spiritual development.

When you do external exercises,
you must do internal exercises.
When you do internal exercises,
you may forget to do external exercises.


The many theories and scientific proofs explaining why the exercises work, as well as the exercises themselves, are beyond the capacity of this site, but are fully explained in The Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises. For introductory purposes, a list of the types of exercises, the healing purposes they serve, and a sample exercise will be given.


Under each of the following conditions is listed the specific exercises that will bring relief and healing:

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Bursitis, Tennis Elbow:

  • Turtle
  • Crane
  • Deer
  • Arm stimulating exercise (for tennis elbow rub until you feel the arm become hot around the elhow―feel the heat in the elbow)
  • Leg stimulating exercises
  • Arm and Hand Pressing Exercise (for bursitis or arthritis in arms or hands)
  • Techniques for Relieving Pain
  • Asthma:
  • Crane, Turtle, Deer―all practiced together
  • Lung Exercise
  • Liver Exercise (soothes and strengthens the nerves)

Back Pain:

  • Lower Back Exercises
  • Kidney Exercise

Beauty and Fitness (rejuvenation):

  • Deer, Crane, Turtle
  • Eye Exercises (for wrinkles)
  • Gum Pressure Exercise
  • Tongue and Saliva Exercise
  • Beating the Heavenly Drum
  • Teeth Clicking Exercise
  • Weight Reduction Exercise
  • Stomach Rubbing Exercise
  • Head Rubbing Exercise
  • Breathing exercises
  • Blood Pressure (high):
  • Crane, Turtle (avoid Deer until pressure falls to normal)
  • Brain Cleansing I
  • Toe wiggling exercise

Blood Pressure (low):

  • Deer, Turtle (avoid Crane until pressure comes up)
  • Brain Cleansing II
  • Toe wiggling exercise

Bronchitis (throat pains):

  • Lung exercises
  • Meridian Massage (especially downward along lung meridian)
  • Stomach Rubbing Exercise (clockwise rubbing to disperse blockage)


  • Bone:
    • Kidney Exercise
    • Lower Back Exercises
    • Liver Exercise
  • Prevention:
    • Crane. Turtle, Deer
    • Arm stimulating exercises
    • Kneading shoulder muscles (releases tension and stress and opens meridians which may be blocked)


  • Leg stimulating exercises (rub downward on outside only)
  • Lower Body and Sexual Glands Exercise

Common Cold (sneezing, coughing, sinus headache):

  • Internal Organ Relaxation (brings blood into head and lungs to fight head cold)
  • Nose Exercise (for sinus)
  • Head Rubbing Exercise (pressing points behind head for headache and tension)
  • Pressing on either side of the throat on stomach meridian points (this may cause you to cough at first, but it will eventually stop the coughing)
  • Meridian Massage (rubbing downward along the lung meridian for temporary relief of cold symptoms and lung congestion)

Concentration Problems:

  • Five Animal Exercises
  • Concentration Exercise


  • Crane breathing
  • Stomach Rubbing Exercise (clockwise for dispersion)
  • Twelve Zodiac Exercises


  • Liver and pancreas rubbing exercise
  • Leg stimulating exercises (especially upward rubbing on the inside of the leg to bring energy into the body)
  • Deer Exercise
  • Tongue and Saliva Exercise (for relief of symptoms of thirst caused by diabetes)


  • Deer
  • Leg stimulating exercises (upward rubbing on inside of leg only)
  • Stomach Rubbing Exercise (counterclockwise rubbing)

Dizziness (vertigo, nerve imbalance):

  • Bone Breathing
  • Ear Exercise
  • Brain Cleansing II
  • Turtle, Crane

Emphysema: See Asthma

Eye Problems (glaucoma, cataract, near- and far-sightedness, etc.):

  • Eye Exercises

Female Problems:

  • Deer
  • Kidney Exercise
  • Leg stimulating exercise (on the inside of legs only)
  • Stomach Rubbing Exercise (both directions)

Headache (including migraine):

  • Bone Breathing
  • Eye Exercises
  • Nose Exercise
  • Standing Crane
  • Brain Cleansing II
  • Head Rubbing Exercise (rub points behind head)

Hearing Problems:

  • Ear Exercise

Heart Problems:

  • Heart Exercises

Hepatitis (liver problems):

  • Liver Exercise


  • Deer Exercise
  • Sun Worship Exercise

Impotence (premature ejaculation):

  • Deer
  • Brain Cleansing I
  • Sexual gland exercise


  • Toe wiggling exercise
  • Crane breathing
  • Bone Breathing
  • Stomach Rubbing Exercise (both directions)

Kidney Problems:

  • Kidney Exercise Deer
  • Leg stimulating exercise (upward on the inside only)

Liver Problems:

  • Liver Exercise

Menstrual Problems: See Female Problems

Nerve Problems (numbness and paralysis):

  • Crane, Deer, Turtle
  • Liver Exercise
  • Twelve Nerve Exercises


  • Weight Reduction Exercise
  • Stomach Rubbing Exercise


  • Crane
  • Liver Exercise (calms and balances stomach)


  • Crane breathing (to help rest lungs, very slowly)
  • Rubbing downward along lung meridian (for temporary relief)

Prostate Problems:

  • Deer

Refreshing Yourself:

  • Five Animal Exercises
  • Eight Directional Exercises
  • Twelve Nerve Exercises
  • Deer, Crane, Turtle
  • Reverse Crane I
  • Reverse Crane II
  • Bone Breathing
  • Energizing and Relaxing Breathing Exercises
  • Internal Organ Relaxation
  • Eye Exercises


  • Leg stimulating exercise
  • Lower Back Exercises
  • Lower Body and Sexual Glands Exercise

Stomach Problems,

  • Ulcers, pain, vomiting: See also Diarrhea
    • Crane
    • Kidney Exercise
    • Stomach Rubbing Exercise
  • Nausea from hypoglycemia:
    • Kidney Exercise
    • Rubbing across pancreas

Tennis Elbow: See Arthritis

Teeth and Gum Problems:

  • Mouth Exercises

Thyroid Problems:

  • Thyroid Exercise


  • Turtle
  • Throat rubbing


  • Crane
  • Coughing complications:
    • Rubbing down inside of arms
    • Throat rubbing
  • Sweating complications:
    • Toe wiggling exercise (calming)
  • Diarrhea complications:
    • Stomach Rubbing Exercise (counterclockwise), Crane, Deer

Ulcers: See Stomach Problems and Nerve Problems


  • Crane
  • Stomach exercises

All illnesses:

  • Five Animal Exercises
  • Eight Directional Exercises
  • Twelve Zodiac Exercises
  • Twelve Nerve Exercises
  • General Health Maintenance Schedule
  • Upon waking in the morning, any of the following:
  • Toe Wiggling and Body Stretching
  • Internal Organ Relaxation
  • Head Rubbing Exercise
  • Eye Exercises
  • Nose Exercise
  • Beating the Heavenly Drum
  • Mouth Exercises
  • Face Rubbing Exercise
  • Kidney Exercise
  • Liver Exercise
  • Stomach Rubbing Exercise
  • Meridian Massage
  • Deer Exercise
  • Crane Exercise
  • Turtle Exercise

Regular Health Maintenance,

To be done daily throughout ones life:

  • Five Animal Exercises
  • Eight Directional Exercises
  • Twelve Zodiac Exercises
  • Twelve Nerve Exercises

Any of the following may be done daily throughout one’s life:

  • Five Animal Exercises
  • Eight Directional Exercises
  • Twelve Zodiac Exercises
  • Twelve Nerve Exercises


Upon feeling the subtle energy flow in the body, one may begin practicing the following:

  • Meridian Meditation

Only after mastering the Meridian Meditation should one begin to practice the following:

  • Immortal Breathing techniques, Small and Large Heavenly Cycles

Specific Healing Exercises,

These may be practiced in conjunction with the general health maintenance exercises or just for correcting specific ailments.

  • Weight Reduction Exercise
  • Lower Back Exercises
  • Stomach Healing Exercise
  • Heart Exercises
  • Abdominal Strengthening Exercise
  • Lung Exercise
  • Lower Body and Sexual Glands Exercise
  • Techniques for Relieving Pain
  • Hand, Arm, and Upper Body Exercises
  • Sun Worship Exercise
  • Eye Exercises
  • Internal Organ Relaxation
  • Relaxation exercises

Breathing Exercises Include:

  • Crane Exercise
  • Heart Healing Exercise
  • Reverse Crane I
  • Reverse Crane II
  • Bone Breathing
  • Brain Cleansing I
  • Brain Cleansing II
  • Immortal Breathing:
    • Small Heavenly Cycle
    • Large Heavenly Cycle


The Stomach Rubbing Exercise is also a part of the Crane Exercise. (It is excerpted from the book The Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises.)

Obesity is a disease because it is dangerous to one’s health. When a person becomes excessively overweight, the whole body is burdened. For every inch you gain in girth, the body grows approximately four miles of blood vessels to nourish the extra tissues. Blood which would normally be sent to the head and brain remains in the abdominal cavity, aiding the digestive organs with their increased work load. To pump the blood through this increased fatty tissue, the heart must work harder. Because of this undue strain, the heart gradually becomes critically weakened and more likely to collapse. The excessive fats and lipids (which, along with carbohydrates and proteins, constitute the principal structural material of living cells) in the blood stream obstructs the circulation in the arteries and veins. This obstruction in the circulatory system contributes directly to high blood pressure. Excessive weight to the lower front of the body puts stress on the spine and often causes lower back pain.

So there is not much to recommend about being overweight. But the conventional methods for losing weight and inches are quite often not only very difficult, but also very expensive. Also, as a person ages, exercising the stomach and abdominal area becomes increasingly difficult. It is not a very good idea to be doing sit-ups after the age of forty, unless you are now, and have been, engaged in a regular exercise program for some time. The problem is that, unlike most of the other bodily extremities, the abdominal area cannot be directly controlled. (There are however thoroughly documented cases of advanced yogis who have perfect control over even these so-called involuntary muscles.) Such men are the exceptions to the rule. For the rest of us, fatty tissue accumulates there very easily.

The exercise that meets these conditions and encourages weight loss is the Stomach Rubbing Exercise. It is the simplest and most natural method for losing weight.

1. Begin by lying down flat on your back. Relax.

2. Put the palm of your hand on your navel. (If you are right-handed, use your right hand; if left-handed, use your left hand.) Then start to rub clockwise from the center―that is, from the right to the left―first in small circles and then gradually expand the movement until the upper and lower limits of the stomach and abdomen are being rubbed (see Figure A).

3. When you have completed the first movement, then reverse it, rubbing counterclockwise in smaller and smaller circles until you are back to the center of the navel. You need not press down with any force. Apply a slight pressure as you rub slowly.

4. Repeat this clockwise and counterclockwise motion as many times as you wish.

NOTE: A brisker version of the Stomach Rubbing Exercise also exists. You may begin this exercise by rubbing the palms of the hands together vigorously and placing the hands, palms down, on the lower abdomen so that they lie on either side of the navel. Now begin to rub both sides of the abdomen briskly, following the pattern depicted below. Rub so that both hands meet near the navel on the down­swing. Keep on rubbing until the friction heats up the abdominal tissues. You may repeat this exercise as many times as you wish. This version of the exercise brings more stimulation and energy to the abdomen than the regular version, so it can be used for debilitating diseases of the internal organs and peristaltic problems. It is especially good for trimming down the girth.

Fatty accumulations and deposits are disturbed from their resting places and eventually broken up. They are then passed into the eliminatory system and out of the body. By such apparently simple means, the superfluous areas of the stomach and abdomen are literally rubbed away.

When you rub in a clockwise direction―which again, is from your right to your left in gradually widening circles―you are encouraging proper and easeful bowel movement. Quite often constipation is a symptom indicating that the large intestine is over-functioning. The large intestine is absorbing too much water from the waste matter as it passes through on its way to the rectum. This causes the waste matter to be compacted to the point where the normal peristaltic activity of the large intestine is not sufficient to expel the waste matter. Constipation results and fecal material that would normally have been passed on through the anus are stored in the body. The clockwise motion augments the peristaltic activity and slows down the water removal process to normal levels.

One young woman I taught this exercise to told me she had suffered from constipation most of her life. She was only 23 years old, but she had been suffering from constipation for 15 years. She had tried drugs, laxatives, and enemas. But nothing she did eliminated the problem. And yet, from the first week she began doing this exercise, she ceased to have problems with bowel movements. She felt, by her own admission, like a new person. She told me later that after three months of doing the exercise, her entire digestive system evened out and she never had the same problems again.

Rubbing in a counterclockwise motion has the opposite effect―that of helping to solidify fecal material as it passes through the intestine (see Figure B). It does this by stimulating the passage of water from the large intestine to the kidneys. An extreme case of chronic diarrhea that was corrected with this simple technique was recently brought to my attention. One of my students told me that ten years ago his mother had been operated on for cancer of the colon. Since that time she had absolutely no control over her bowel movements. She could not even go out for fear she would suddenly find she had to use the bathroom and not have access to one. Her son taught her the Stomach Rubbing technique. She had tried every other remedy by that time and was ready for anything that held some promise of helping her. After a few days of practicing the exercise her stools formed for the first time in ten years. Since then she had been able to normalize her life and the problem ceased to p1ague her.

Rubbing the abdomen in both the clockwise and counterclockwise directions will help stomach ulcers. One case demonstrating the exercise’s efficaciousness is that of a ninety-six-year-old Chinese senator. He tackles his duties with more enthusiasm and energy than people one-fourth his age. He is also actively involved in many different activities. Yet he is never sick. His blood pressure, checked every morning by a government­appointed nurse is always normal. When admirers ask him about his secret of youth, he tells them a story about a youthful experience. As a young man he suffered from painful stomach ulcers, tuberculosis, and other diseases. When he served in the army, he sought medical help from doctors wherever he was stationed. Then one day someone told him about a famous, aged healer who lived deep in the mountains. So he made an appointment to see the healer and struggled over the rocky terrain to see him. Having reached his destination, the young man greeted the healer and began a monologue about himself and his problems. But the old man continued to meditate and seemed to ignore the visitor; he did not open his eyes or speak. Finally the healer uttered, “Go home and rub your stomach.” Further questioning drew no replies. Disappointed at the simple remark, the young man struggled home. Back home, disappointment, exhaustion, and anger caused the ulcer to flare up again. Left with no alternative the young man reluctantly rubbed his stomach. Immediately the pain faded away. Encouraged, he began to rub his stomach faithfully. A few months later the ulcer completely disappeared. Gradually the tuberculosis disappeared also. His health improved daily. Seventy years later he still rubs his stomach daily, after every meal and whenever he feels uncomfortable.

In addition to the rubbing motion, the exercise also utilizes the practitioner’s sensory powers. When you do the exercise, use your imaginative powers to feel that energy is coming from your hand and penetrating into the skin and organs underneath. You should also feel that the energy is being retained and that it is heating up your abdominal tissues. As more energy penetrates your body, the area around your navel will begin to burn as if a fire had been started within your tissues.

The distinction between the psychological and physiological basis for disease is starting to blur. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that the way a person perceives the world affects his or her physiological processes.

The man who has contributed significantly to making visualization healing techniques accepted in professional medical circles is Dr. Carl Simonton. He has produced a startling body of work which points to a strong psychological basis for the healing processes in the body. Even the powerful malignancy of cancer can in some cases be brought to heel with the use of visualization techniques. Once again, it is a matter of cooperating with the body’s natural wisdom in allowing the body and mind to heal themselves.

The first year I was invited to lecture at the University of Oslo in Norway, one of the subjects I dwelt on was the Stomach Rubbing Exercise. The following year, I was invited back to lecture before an overcrowded audience again. After lecture coordinator Dr. Bjorn Overbye introduced me and before I could speak, an old man in the audience interrupted me. I was anxious about his motives but I granted his request for permission to speak. He told the audience to listen to me because whatever I said would be beneficial. Then he told everybody a story. He said that he attended my first lecture with a distended abdomen full of water because he was suffering from terminal liver cancer. He was in terrible pain. The doctors gave him only a few weeks to live. Every week he had to go to the hospital to have his abdomen pumped to remove the water. Desperate to try anything, he attended the lecture. That night, after learning about the Stomach Rubbing technique, he went home and rubbed his stomach. The pain went away, and water never collected in his stomach again. One week later, he went to see his doctor and astonished him. His doctor exclaimed, “This is a miracle! I can’t believe it! What did you do?” He replied, “I didn’t do anything. I just rubbed my stomach.” Thereafter, he faithfully rubbed his stomach. His liver did not bother him anymore, though it was still cancerous. He was able to discontinue chemotherapy. Furthermore, he had become “healthy” and was even able to go back to work. When I returned to Norway the third year, the man was still around.

The efficaciousness of the exercise is explained by the penetration of energy from the hand into the abdominal tissues. (A full explanation of the nature of energy, its working theory, and proof of its existence are given in the book.) Energy penetration can be augmented by making use of your sensory powers. Feel the energy from your hand penetrate into the skin and organs underneath. You should also feel that the energy is being retained and that it is heating up your abdominal tissues. As more energy penetrates your body, the area around your navel will begin to feel as if a fire has been started within. Achieving this sensation requires a great deal of concentration and patience, and it should be done every time you do the exercise.




    1. The Tao of Philosophy
    2. The Tao of Revitalization
    3. The Tao of Balanced Diet
    4. The Tao of Forgotten Food Diet
    5. The Tao of Healing Art
    6. The Tao of Sex Wisdom
    7. The Tao of Mastery
    8. The Tao of Success
    1. The Nature of Energy
    2. Energy and the Human Body


    1. Five-Element Theory
    2. Five Animal Exercises
    3. Eight Directional Exercises
    4. Twelve Zodiac Exercises
    5. Twelve Nerve Exercises
    6. Deer Exercise For Men
    7. Deer Exercise for Women
    8. Prone Position for the Deer Exercise
    9. Crane Exercise
    10. The Standing Crane
    11. Stomach Rubbing Exercise
    12. Turtle Exercise
    13. Combining the Deer, Crane, and Turtle Exercises
    14. Sitting Position
    15. Standing Position
    16. Walking
    17. Sleeping Position
    18. Head Rubbing Exercise
    19. Eye Exercises
    20. Nose Exercise
    21. Ear Exercise
    22. Mouth Exercises
    23. Face Rubbing Exercise
    24. Thyroid Exercise
    25. Techniques for Relieving Pain
    26. Hand, Arm, and Upper Body Exercises
    27. Lung Exercise
    28. Heart Exercise
    29. Abdominal Strengthening Exercise
    30. Weight Reduction Exercise
    31. Stomach Healing Exercise
    32. Liver Exercise
    33. Kidney Exercise
    34. Lower Back Exercise
    35. Sun Worship Exercise
    36. Lower Body and Sexual Glands Exercise
    37. Toe Wiggling and Body Stretching
    38. Internal Organ Relaxation
    39. Meridian Massage


    1. Meridian Meditation
    2. Meditative and Contemplative Exercises
    3. Breathing Exercises
    1. Small Heavenly Cycle
    2. Large Heavenly Cycle





The following reviewers’ and readers’ testimonials reflect a cross-section of the results they’ve obtained:

William H.:
Last August I broke my hip and my doctor said arthritis showed in hip X-ray. My legs had been slightly bowed and my knees were painful and had reduced functions. If I fell down, I could not stand up without the pulling with arms on a high-back chair. A recent X-ray of my knees shows only a trace of arthritis.

I have used the deer, eagle, bear, turtle exercises; the leg, kidney, rotation of hips, solar plexus, pressure on the third eye, thymus, and below the navel exercises; and the lip, eye, nose, ear, back of head rub exercises. I see better, sleep better, and have only an occasional back pain. My knee joints seem loose since arthritis pains have ended. Digestion has improved. Also slight improvement in hearing.

Tim K.:
I purchased a copy of the Internal Exercises book, and began practicing about 6-7 months ago. After practicing the eye exercises (and other exercises) for 3 months, I went to the eye doctor to have my eyes checked. I had been wearing reading glasses as prescribed by the doctor since 5 years due to an astigmatism in one of my eyes. The doctor discovered I no longer have an astigmatism and declared I now have 20/20 vision, and no longer need glasses. I no longer need glasses from practicing the Eye Exercises which is fantastic! Thank you Dr. Chang and your Taoist ancestors!

Mrs. Gudrun B.:
As I read through your book, I began practising the exercise one by one. My back problem which has caused me pain since I was 15 years old (I am now 38) has almost disappeared after 5-6 weeks of training. No form of exercise has helped my back like this and believe me, I have exercised. My whole body looks and feels different. In fact I feel great and I have never trained according to any program that makes me feel so good. I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for writing this book.

Lois C.:
I’ve gotten results from the exercises: lumps around the breast gone with the DEER, not as cold in left hip, earache improved, etc. etc.

Brad M.
Thanks for the great book. I was coming down with a bad cold, and I practiced your methods, and in 2 days I was fine! Normally colds take about 1-3 weeks for me, and I have gotten pneumonia more than once, but this time it was only 3-4 days!!

Peter S.:
I am finding value and benefits from The Complete System of Self-Healing. Thank you sincerely.

Salvatore O.:
Firstly, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with everyone your tremendous knowledge of Taoism through your wonderful books. For me they have been important tools in dealing with bouts of depression (together with my kind therapist) and the physical effects the stress of living can have. I am a 29 year old who in the past has felt 89 wanting only to sleep. I have been working at the internal exercises for a year now and they seem to work better as time goes by. The benefits are real. I feel the change.

Charles M.:
From all the benefits and knowledge I have received thus far from his books, I would not exchange for a million dollars. This isn’t just idle talk but the absolute truth. The improvement on my eyes alone is worth a million, not to mention the other benefits.

I have been doing your eye exercises from the first of your books received about 4 years ago. Now I am able to read the Bible without glasses. This is a very big improvement. Even 20 years ago, I had to use glasses.

K. R. B.:
What a remarkable improvement from doing exercises from The Complete System of Self-Healing, mainly the Circulation and Breathing! From doing the Eye Exercises alone, I can read the paper early this morning without my glasses.

Kathryn C.:
I have been doing the Eye Exercises. I had noticed that my right eye was blurry and seemed to have film over it. That condition has completely cleared.

George R.:
I am 75 years of age. The internal exercises have brought about improvement in my eyesight, reduction of deformation of fingers and thumbs and less pain gripping things, and some improvement in the residual walking disability occasioned by a strange ailment. . . .

Also my bowels are working far better and hemorrhoids are almost gone.

Gregory H.:
This book of yours The Complete System of Self-Healing has done wonders for me. It has corrected a problem that I’ve had most of my adult life―that problem being hemorrhoids. Needless to say, I am a true believer in the internal exercises.

John B.:
I recently had the opportunity to purchase two of your books. . . . Your writing has already made a tremendous impact on my life, even though I am nearly 60 years of age. . . . And, after 50 years of nuisance, six weeks of the DEER EXERCISE has eliminated my nagging hemorrhoids! Needless to say, I AM IMPRESSED!

Ann F.:
I have found so far what I believe to be the most beneficial―the exercise of massaging the small finger on the left hand and squeezing it at the end which was used for heart attacks. I use it when I get muscle spasms to which I am prone due to either the weak heart muscle and/or the medication (daily dose of Lanoxin and an occasional diuretic). When I feel a spasm coming on―and they may occur at any time and in any part of my body―I gently rub the finger and squeeze as directed and this seems to cause the spasm to dissipate before it becomes too uncomfortable. I am grateful for this.

E. A. B.:
Your book The Complete System of Self-Healing has helped me almost miraculously since the first use of the lung exercise. A punctured lung was sustained with 4 fractured ribs in February of 1985. It seemed like the condition which resulted was steadily worsening. I had asthma when the accident happened, so that fact did increase the problems.

Arnold S.:
During [my] hospital stay, I had to stop the eye exercises for about three weeks. That is when my left eye went out on me. The center of the eye blanked out. No sight. Only sight on the sides of the left eye. Two examinations showed no sight (macular degeneration). I had faith, kept up my eye exercises and in about 2 months or more, the sight was back in the center of my left eye. My eye doctor claims the eye exercises did it.

Leo S.:
It is the best book I have ever read. Information that I have been searching for is revealed so simply I am amazed. I have started doing the Deer, Crane, and Turtle Exercises and will follow the schedule outlined in the book. I have read many other books and tried other meditations, but none seemed to work and none offered any explanations why they should work.

Adelia M.:
[My sister] has used [the Crane Exercise] steadily and is happy with the results . . . and is not now overweight.

Mrs. John A.:
I have found the stomach rubbing very helpful and would like to pass the word around to many overweight people I know. Being overweight, as I am, is a horrendous problem and the stomach rubbing is the first thing I have come across that gets to the cause of the problem.

Shirley R.:
My doing one of the exercises in your Internal Exercise book helped me to get pregnant in 2 months after 2 years of unsuccessfully trying. I am so grateful to you for that.

Lorene T.:
Over the years I have tried so many remedies and still suffered. Your book was the answer to years of prayers.

Thomas G.:
I have purchased The Complete System of Self-Healing some time ago and began really to practice in earnest one and one half months ago. I’m already gratified by the immediate sensations the exercises provide.

Dr. Richard A.:
I feel it is a book of miracles, as I had spent a considerable amount of money on three medical doctors and two hospitals for a shoulder injury where they could not control the pain from nerves pulled away from my shoulder blades. Within a week on Dr. Chang’s exercises I had been relieved of the pain and [am able to] use my right arm normally again. I will recommend the books to my clients in my counseling ministry.

Flash G.:
First I wou1d like to thank you for making this “Way” ―Taoism― available to the public. I used the nose exercise to put an end to a four-year long sneezing and sinus problem just after 3 weeks of this exercise.

Francis J.:
My stomach started getting smaller immediately and my bowels were better than I can remember. I think I was getting a real colon cleansing.

Donna B.:
I purchased The Complete System of Self-Healing a year or two ago, and have recent1y started doing the internal exercises. I feel the exercises have helped me feel better and handle stress at work much better.

Marcia B.:
I’ve been doing most the suggested exercises for 3 months and this stuff works! I’d like to share this info with other people. I thank the ancient Taoists and the honorable Dr. Chang.

Rebbeca K.:
I have The Complete System of Self-Healing and am completely captivated by some of the methods―what’s more they work!

Marianne D.:
I have recently read The Complete System of Self-Healing. I have been doing the General Health Maintenance Schedule each evening along with the Twelve Nerve exercises. My energy is greatly increased and my back pain is almost gone.

Yvonne L.:
Please convey my wildly enthusiastic compliments to Dr. Chang for his fascinating, helpful and beautifully written book.

Norma H.:
I have read Dr. Stephen T. Chang’s book The Complete System of Self-Healing with interest, and have used some of the techniques described in his book, with success and great appreciation.

Lorene D.:
I purchased The Complete System of Self-Healing a short time ago and already the exercises I am using give me a feeling of well-being and hope for a long, healthy future. Thank you!

Charline J.:
Thank you so very much. I can’t begin to tell you what this book has done!

Kathleen M. B.:
My specialty is Gerontology and I feel that many of the exercises would be most applicable to the elderly.

Betty J.:
I have read and studied your book The Complete System of Self-Healing for over a year now. All my friends have noticed a difference in my actions and looks. Even a friend, whom I hadn’t seen in over a year remarked that I looked younger than the last time she saw me. She informed me retirement agreed with me, but I informed her it was the Tao of Revitalization that did it.

Wanda H.:
I have benefited so much from your book The Complete System of Self-Healing and I have told others about it. . . . I’m enclosing the names of some of my friends.

Anne S.:
First, let me say how lucky I am to be in possession of your book The Complete System of Self-Healing. I only regret I didn’t have it 50 years ago. I’m 71 years old and have many ailments. But your exercises have helped me, even in this late stage, a great deal. . . . Just wish every senior would have this book to help them.

Montano M.:
I appreciate the excellent qualities of Stephen T. Chang’s publication The Complete System of Self-Healing and look forward to collecting any of his available work.

Dr. Michael Schiefeling, M.D.:
A fantastic book!! In the future I will offer Your programme to all my patients.

Fortune magazine:
Dissolve stress, tension, depression, fatigue and safeguard good health easily, safely, and effectively with Dr. Chang’s stress management technique, preferred by top executives.

Los Angeles Herald:
The superfluous areas of the stomach and abdomen are literally rubbed away.

Shirley R.:
With Dr. Chang's Internal Exercises, I was finally able to conceive a child. His herbs have helped me with a variety of conditions over the last 30 years.

John S.:
Thanks for this great website/information/knowledge.

The Complete System of Self-Healing is very remarkable in the profoundly peaceful experience available through my body now. Quite remarkable.... I also used the tummy rubbing exercise for my cat. Though I did not touch her, I noted 4 energetic blocks that caused her to cry out. I persisted a few moments. She had bowel movements shortly thereafter.

Alan H.:
Have suffered severally for years with sinus pressure headaches, especially in cold weather, which we have several months of in this area and have used your Nose exercise pushing the three pressure points on the nose which has helped relieve my sinus misery alot of which I thank you for.

End of this Chapter

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