Sex, a function that is generally unavoidable, must be made into a source of happiness, not pain. Happiness is healing, joy, and longevity; correct sex yields infinite happiness. Pain is incurable disease, depression, and death; incorrect sex yields infinite pain. Correct sex spreads happiness among individuals, their progeny, and society. Incorrect sex—sex used as a weapon against others, as a license for promiscuity, or as an immoral profit generator—causes social decay. Taoist Sexology—sex taught and practiced in accordance with the principles of Taoism—paves a pathway of righteousness.

The pathway paved with knowledge and wisdom provided by Taoist Sexology that ends at physical, mental, and spiritual elevation lead the individual through extraordinary territories of experience. Upon embarking on this journey, the practitioner will immediately see the horizons of his or her health, happiness, and success stretch into infinity.

Many Taoist classics such as Su Nu Ching by the Yellow Emperor explain the hidden, higher purpose of reproduction and joy-making, called the Tao of Sex Wisdom. Unknown to most people, sex is vital to mankind’s spiritual elevation.

Su Nu Ching, or “Classic of the White Madam,” is the basic book of Taoist Sexology. It contains secrets which help humanity enjoy life, improve life, love life, and benefit from life. Specifically, it provides methods which heighten, intensify, and prolong lovemaking to strengthen the bond of love between a couple, so that the nucleus of the family may be strengthened. Methods which improve progeny intelligence, beauty, wisdom, health, and morality are provided in addition to methods which improve and unify the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the individual. In the past, many of these promises were fulfilled for those who were fortunate enough to use Taoist Sexology methods.

Unfortunately for thousands of years, political, philosophical, and religious cliques monopolized the key to decoding the book’s classical calligraphic text. Severe restriction of readership prevented many from reading, understanding, or interpreting the book. Therefore, satisfactory translations of the book were difficult to find and many sexology teachings that were widely shared were distorted, incomplete, and unreliable. All other Taoist classics, such as Yu-Fang Mi Chue (Secrets in the Jade Chamber), San Feng Tan Chue (The Healing Techniques of Master Chang San-Feng), Ching Cheng Mi Chao (The Sacred Records of Mt. Ching-Cheng), Kung Tung Mi Tien (The Sacred Manuscripts of Mt. Kung-Tung), Shuan Wei Hsing Yin (The Sacred Seal in the Heart), and Yi Hsing Fang (Medicine in the Heart), shared similar histories. It was a shame that these much-needed philosophical treasures were buried under such selfishness and incompetence.

For fifty years, Dr. Stephen T. Chang had been trying to tear away the secrecy and distortion surrounding the Tao of Sex Wisdom in his research and lectures, by fully and accurately disclosing the teachings, clarifying obstruse areas, and supplying scientific information to further comprehension in his book The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom.

Long in coming out, this book deserves serious consideration because sex is a subject of wide and deep implications. At first glance the subject of sex seems to be uncomplicated. In truth it is of monumental importance to the health and happiness of the individual, society, and nation. The book was written with these considerations mind:

1) A book on the Tao of Sex Wisdom should be useful to a reader for the rest of his or her life. As experience accumulates, a greater understanding of the teachings results, and continued analysis is encouraged.

2) The teachings should be clear and logical and scientifically substantiated.

3) Sexual complexes and problems should be resolved as the sexual act becomes a means of spiritual and mental elevation, as the relationship between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the body is made clear. Morality must be lifted to a new height.

4) Appropriate terms must be selected to further the reader’s understanding of Taoist theories. For example, the words “peak” and “valley,” which I have used to describe the types of orgasms for thirty years, are replaced by the words “ordinary” and “superior” (reasons for this are found in the text).

5) A proper balance of practical experiences and theories should be provided to make learning and understanding exciting, because no theory in this book should ever be empty.

From observation of the reproductive process, Taoists discovered that the sexual glands were endowed with God’s power to create and God’s intelligence to organize life. In fact they knew that God was life, that He was the life force that animated all living things, that He was the motor of creative processes, and that He was the intelligence responsible for life engineering and cellular self-repair. They also knew that the sexual glands could be used as a source of life force for their own bodies. These realizations caused Taoists to create a complete system of methods and techniques called the Tao of Sexology. With that Taoists hoped to elevate self-healing to its fullest potential, to energize the whole body to defy time. By following the Tao of Sexology, mankind will eventually incarnate God’s nature to its fullest.

In Taoism the sexual organs and glands, where energy and life power are concentrated and generated, are referred to as the “stove.” This term underscores our dependence on sexual energy. We depend on the sexual gland to support our mental and physical functions as we depend on the stove to cook food. Without a stove, nothing can be cooked or eaten and life will end. Likewise, life will end when non-/dysfunctional sexual glands cause the mental and physical aspects of the body to become non-/dysfunctional.

The importance of the sexual glands as the motor of rejuvenation cannot be over-emphasized. If sexual glands producing hormones (the “fire” which help rejuvenate cells and tissues of the sexual glands) function improperly, cell/tissue regeneration and mental/physical performance fail. When the mental and physical aspects of the body become tired, depressed, or negative, more problems or diseases arise. Then the aging process begins. All of these problems can be prevented or corrected by properly functioning sexual organs.

When the machinery of rejuvenation is activated through the practice of Taoist Sexology, aging can be prevented. And when aging is prevented, death is prevented. The age-old search for the fountain of youth may end here, for Taoists believe that immortality can be attained by transforming the physical body through continuous rejuvenation.

Not only is the Tao of Sexology a fountain of youth, but it also is a refreshing solution that reconciles the common dilemma between respondence to one’s sexual desires and devotion to one’s spiritual aspirations. On one hand, some social influences promote the release of sexual instincts at the animalistic level only. On the other hand, many religions stifle or denounce sexual activity to promote spirituality. Release of sexual desires results in many problems, such as venereal diseases. Stifling of sexual desires leaves people unsatisfied, for they are not bodiless spirits as long as they live on earth. Neither approach satisfies people’s needs, because human beings have both physical instincts and spiritual aspirations. Taoism eliminates this dilemma by allowing the sexual instincts to serve a spiritual purpose. The Tao of Sexology techniques provide a direct, tangible experience of God. By sharing true love, giving true love and receiving true love, two people learn to understand the nature of God. To experience love is to experience God.

(The specific techniques involve acupuncture points and nerve reflexology. They allow the couple to merge their energy at the level of their respective organs and awaken their intuitive and spiritual centers.)

Why should we want to experience God? If we have always been blind, we cannot fully understand the meaning of light. Likewise, without experiencing God, we cannot fully understand the meaning of God. God is life. God is everywhere. He is not limited by space or time. And He has everlasting life. If we can understand God’s nature, we can “walk with God” and finally become like Him.

Unfortunately many people think sex is dirty or sinful. Because they were not taught about the relationship between sex and spirituality, they were cut off from a vital means of experiencing and understanding God. Hence, many must find other ways of getting closer to God, but in the course of their search many will develop sexual complexes, which frustrate their spiritual aspirations. True Taoist methods like those of Taoist Sexology help us look within ourselves for Godliness, while securing our independence from man-made temples, priests, rituals, etc. Unlike certain religions, which rely upon faith and prayer as the only means of helping the followers, Taoism places great emphasis upon active practice. To Taoists, knowledge and self-discipline are sufficient for mastering the methods of direct communication with God.

After having attended many of my lectures, many clinical and behavorial sexologists came up to me and said such things as “You’ve covered in the first five minutes of your lecture what I had just spent six years studying at the university. The rest of what you discussed was never even mentioned in my courses—and it’s the most helpful information of all!”

Gynecologists also attended my lectures and courses. They told me that they finally knew how to help their patients, advise them, and give them tools to help them repair their organs and help their bodies function properly again. Before, all they could do was operate on them.

After having done some or all the exercises taught in my sexology courses, others told me that they finally understood what it was to enjoy not just sex, but life itself. They said they received a lifetime of benefits from what they had learned. I told them that if they kept practicing what they had learned, things would get even better. Because the information, tested and used for 6,000 years, would help anyone lead a longer, happier, healthier, and wiser life.

The ancient Taoists were not ethereal, abstract philosophers. They were very practical, scientific people. If a technique did not work, they discarded it. If a better one was developed, they used it. They did not promise their students that great benefits awaited them after death; great benefits were immediately reaped upon utilization of Taoist techniques.

What is a Taoist? Anyone who has a desire to live longer, happier, healthier, and wiser is a Taoist. Anyone who seeks and practices something in order to achieve these goals is a good Taoist. And good Taoists have everlasting lives.

As mentioned before, we must experience God to gain everlasting life. We can charge our bodies with energy and function like the perpetual-motion machines dreamed of by many scientists. Perpetual-motion machines do not exist, but perpetual human machines do, because human beings are imbued with God’s spirit—the desire to improve themselves and the power to rejuvenate themselves. Since the prerequisites for immortality—the desire to improve and rejuvenate—innately exist within each and everyone of us, all we need is Taoism to refine and guide our efforts. Because Taoism is the only philosophy that deals with immortality.

Over 6,000 years ago, the ancient Taoists began to study ways to extend longevity. They were not looking for artificial ways, such as injections, implants, etc., to add a few years to life. They knew that materials foreign to human bodies can cause more complications and may ultimately lead to earlier deaths. The ancients sought natural, practical and effective ways to prolong life indefinitely. Their research resulted in methods that help human beings walk with God. To have everlasting life, we have to walk with God.

All the progeny of Adam, listed in the Book of Genesis, had a time of birth and a time of death, except for Enoch. Enoch did not die because God chose him, and God chose him because he walked with Him. Without having to commit to monasticism—Enoch was married and had three sons—he was able to eternalize his physical body, simply through spending his days walking with God.

Elijah is another example of mortals whose physical bodies were eternalized. Jesus is still another. His resurrection involved his physical body, not his spirit. He could eat, talk, and be touched by others, but his body was not limited by space or time. He could pass through walls and doors. In other words, Jesus possessed a spiritualized body. His body became spiritualized at the time of his resurrection.

The Bible, specifically the Book of Revelations, tells us that either before or after the coming disaster on earth, 24,000 people will be picked up physically and be spared from death. But prayers and donations to the church will not guarantee one’s inclusion among the 24,000 people. One has to walk with God.

Presently, there are many saints and holy men in India and China who are not limited by space or time. In Chinese historical records, one can find the detailed personal histories of 2,000 Taoists who have been spiritualized.

God gave us life and time on earth to learn and practice the lessons of Godliness, which are necessary for spiritualizing the physical body. The objective of our lessons, then, is immortalization. All must reach that objective. Those who do not learn their lessons well are forced to come back in successive reincarnations to learn and relearn their lessons, in increasingly painful situations. Reincarnation provides physical bodies—physical carriers in which lessons are learned—for those who need to learn their lessons, and sex and reproduction support reincarnation through succeeding generations. Sex is inevitably and undeniably a part of the process of immortalization.

With the appearance of Jesus, immortality assumed unprecedented importance in the West. In the Old Testament, except for a few references to Enoch and Elijah, immortality was not mentioned. Jesus may have acquired an interest in immortality during his travels to India and China—his travels occurred after his childhood and before his return to a public life with the apostles. During his preachings, he made many philosophical statements concerning elevated planes of existence: a person must be reborn to enter the Kingdom of God, and so on.

(Unfortunately, Jesus never described the practical ways of attaining immortality; he discussed only philosophy. It is doubtful that his disciples learned anything practical from him, since he was with them for only three years and, in that time, was preoccupied with healing and preaching. His disciples were also preoccupied with healing and preaching.)

Coincidentally, rebirth also plays an important role in the attainment of immortality in Taoist teachings. According to Taoism, birth is associated with the sexual glands. But obviously no one could go back to his or her mother’s womb to be reborn. Taoists define rebirth as the use of sexual glands to rejuvenate bodily cells and tissues to transform or spiritualize the body. This process will be explained below in the section on the Seven Glands Theory.

The Kingdom of God is said to be for spiritualized individuals. This teaching of Jesus is one of many that coincides with Taoist teachings. If one reads the Bible with the insight of Taoist knowledge, one will find many instances of coincidence; and many expressions in the Bible, which could appear rather vague or mysterious otherwise, will be clarified.


The ancient Taoists understood that the human body could not exist unless there was a continuous supply of energy coming into the tissues and organs. They realized that health was maintained when the energy within the body was balanced and that disease occurred when there was energy depletion or weakness.

Energy is a dynamic force, in constant flux, which circulates throughout the body. Many people plausibly substitute the word life for the word energy since the essential difference between the two words is so subtle that it eludes all but the semanticist. Each term is vital to developing an accurate understanding of the energy theory as it applies to the body.

For all practical purposes, it can be stated that life is an indication of energy within the body. All that comes to mind on hearing the word life—breathing, talking, sleeping, eating, even the ability to read, think, and hear—all these can be achieved only because of the energy within the body. This invariably applies to those functions or activities that are not conspicuously perceptible; for example, the metabolic processes within each single cell could not be accomplished without energy to sustain those functions. Energy is the basis for the apparent solid structures of the body and all that pertains to its anatomy as well. For what is a solid structure such as bones, except a mass of living cells? All forms and activities of life, both anatomical and physiological, are supported by, and simultaneously deplete, the energy within the body.

We receive much of the energy we need from the food we eat and the air we breathe. However, the body, much like an expensive automobile, must be finely tuned if it is to run properly and utilize this energy to the maximum.

Throughout the centuries, Taoists understood that the body’s Seven Glands were the energy centers responsible for regulating the flow of energy within the various systems of the body. These Seven Glands, in descending order within the body, are as follows:

1. The pineal gland, which directly affects the other glands through its secretions and allows one to communicate on the spiritual level. Intuition and conscience are also associated with this gland, which is also called the House of Spirit.

2. The pituitary gland, which governs memory, wisdom, intelligence and thought, is also called the House of Intelligence.

3. The thyroid gland, which maintains the metabolism of the cells in the body, governs growth. It is also associated with the respiratory system. It is called the House of Growth.

4. The thymus gland, which governs the the heart and circulatory system, is also called the House of Heart.

5. The pancreas gland, which helps maintain control over digestion, blood sugar levels, and body temperature, is also called House of Transcendence.

6. The adrenal glands, which support the functions of the kidneys, bones, bone marrow, and spine, may also be called the House of Water.

7. The sexual glands—the prostate and testes in the male and the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and breasts in the female—are responsible for hormone secretions, sexual energy and response, and reproduction. It is also called the House of Essence.

Figure 1. Equilibrium Among Vessels

Each Vessel (gland) is dependent upon all the others for its supply of liquid (energy). If Vessel A (the sexual glands) is supplied with liquid, this fluid will slowly disperse through the tubes (blood vessels) to the remaining six vessels. Similarly, if Vessel C (the pancreas) were to be drained excessively of its fluid through a leakage of some kind, each of the other vessels would give up a portion of its supply to reestablish an equilibrium within the system.

This is similar to the way energy flows within our bodies. A state of weakness or susceptibility to disease arises when one system, or in this case one gland, is deprived of energy for some reason. Our task becomes then one of not only reestablishing the balanced flow of energy to overcome this weakness, but of also stimulating the flow of energy so that we raise the level of energy within our body to its maximum.

Balancing and raising the energy to its proper level through the Seven Glands system is the Taoist way of strengthening the immune system. Through increasing the energy to strengthen the immune system, we can then reverse our existing weakness and heal ourselves, as well as utilize the higher order of energy to open up our spiritual centers and prevent aging.

Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel prize winner, stated that the glands system was a “wheel of life.” If the wheel of life turns smoothly, problems will not arise or interfere with the cellular processes, which are perpetual. Dr. Carrel, from his extensive experimentations, found that every cell was originally immortal. Human beings are therefore originally immortal. If human beings die it is only because their cellular processes are hindered by poisonings, illnesses, etc. A properly functioning glands system is the key to perpetually functioning cells and immortality.

We need to understand that the Seven Glands support each other in ascending order. If the first six glands are not filled to their capacity, then the seventh gland or House of Spirit will not be filled either. We may quickly realize that if one were to surgically remove one of the glandular systems, a permanent depletion or lack of equilibrium would be created inside the body.

The sexual glands form the base of the glandular complex. This is why, within the Taoist system of healing, all available routes are explored before surgery (hysterectomy or prostatectomy) is performed, especially if it involves the sexual glands, as these comprise the basic foundation which supports all the other glands.

Whether a gland is or is not removed, it is very important to practice the Internal Exercises to provide a continued supply of energy to the body to prevent the person from becoming weakened even further.

The modern term for the Seven Glands is endocrines. The endocrines form what is called the endocrine system. Endocrinology is a relatively new branch in medical science, and much remains to be discovered by modern scientists. Yet, the ancients have already furnished us with a great deal of information about the structure, nature, and purpose of the endocrine system and the immune system.


When the cells and tissues of our bodies are healthy and capable of regenerating, we will not age or die. When the capacity for regeneration is hindered, the body is diseased. To prevent diseases one must protect the immune system. A Taoist aphorism succintly states that immunity is a natural gift of life:

When one does not incur small diseases,
one will not incur moderate diseases.
When one does not incur moderate diseases,
one will not incur serious diseases.
When one does not incur serious diseases,
one will never die.

In other words, if one keeps the resistance of one’s body high, one will not be affected by germs or viruses. A body that is healthy can resist every possible kind of disease, but one that is weak or lacks resistance can be brought down by one little germ. To prevent death, one need only prevent the small diseases.

The approach to healing taken by medical science can be likened to the classical approach to warfare: it finds the germs and kills them, and it locates the diseased organs and chops them off. That is why we have antibiotics and other medicines.

Taoists take another approach. Instead of studying death and disease, they study life and health and the methods for maintaining them. The ancient Taoists knew that there were millions of different germs and viruses and that it was pointless to try to develop ways to kill them all. They realized that the only sensible approach was to keep the body healthy so that it could resist all of its intruders. This approach saves the potential disease sufferer from having to suffer from a disease while he or she waits for cures to be found. It also saves Taoists from the tedious task of researching every disease-causing agent on earth. Certainly Taoists know how to heal. It is necessary that they do, but their major concern is to prevent disease, to prevent their students from ever contracting a disease in the first place.

Since Taoists were not preoccupied with chasing down and curing every little disease, they were able to invest their time and energy in devising a very detailed and complete method of disease prevention—a method that is thousands of years of old, yet very modern by today’s standards. This method prevents energy loss, the primary cause of weakness in the body and its susceptibility to disease-causing agents.

The human body is like an electric battery: it needs energy to function. At its functional best, it needs a maximum amount of energy. If the level of energy within a person’s body falls below full capacity to 70%, that person will feel miserable. When the energy level falls to the 50% mark, that person will be hospitalized. When the energy level falls to the 20% mark, he or she will be under intensive care. If a person has 0% energy, that person is dead.

If you were to attend a wake to pay your last respects to an acquaintance, you will find no changes in the dead person’s form—the face, the arms, the legs, the body, everything remains intact and unchanged. The only difference between the corpse and the living being is the amount of energy present in the body. A living being has a fully charged “battery”; a dead person, a completely depleted “battery.”

Energy depletion occurs every second of the day. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you begin to deplete your energy. This happens particularly when you concentrate on looking at something and even more so when you concentrate on looking at a moving object. All of our ordinary daily activities will deplete our batteries somewhat. These include watching television, talking, daydreaming, walking, eating, thinking, and worrying. Unhealthy sex practices are a very important cause of wasted vital energy. Anger and other negative emotions also deplete an enormous amount of energy.

A simple exercise, done in one minute, will demonstrate how much energy is lost through the eyes:

1) Fold your right arm at your side.

2) Ask someone to try to pull up your arm while you resist as much as you can.

3) Relax your arm and concentrate on the second hand of a watch while it travels around the watch for one minute.

4) Repeat Step 1 and have someone try to lift your arm again while you resist. From your weaker resistance in the second trial, you can easily determine the amount of energy emitted from the body through your eyes. To give people an idea of the magnitude of energy loss, tests were done, and these tests demonstrated that energy lost in one minute was recovered only after twenty long minutes!

Kirlian photography provides further proof of energy loss. Kirlian photography, done with high voltage equipment, captures the image of energy emission from the body and enables the naked eye to see how the body loses energy. Like colored flames, energy is seen to shoot out of the fingers. One will also see changes in the brilliance and height of the flames as changes in energy level occurs. For example, the brilliance and height of the flames decreases when a person touches an object with relatively lower energy levels. Thus, vital energy is proven to be governed by physical laws: it flows from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration. So whenever you touch a person who has less energy than you, your energy will be depleted.

Experiments done with Kirlian photography on cigarette smoking showed that cigarette smoking depleted energy drastically. After just ten minutes of cigarette smoking, no flames of energy could be found in the Kirlian photograph of the smoker. Kirlian photographs taken of a chain of hand-holding people also revealed startling facts. If a person at one end of a chain smoked, the energy level of the person at the opposite end of the chain fell. Similar results were obtained with drugs and alcohol.

Any kind of energy loss, like disease, causes aging. Without energy cells and tissues stop regenerating and shrivel and die, so to prevent energy loss the human “battery’ must be recharged.

Under normal circumstances, the “battery” should be recharged by ingestion of food and restful sleeping. Unfortunately, some people are unable to satisfy one or both requirements. If this is the case Taoist methods can help (the methods of proper eating belong in another subject area and will not be discussed here).

Normally, the human “battery” recharges itself every night when you sleep. After the day’s activities, thoughts and concentrations have depleted most of your energy, you will feel drowsy and fall asleep, so that your body can recharge itself. Sleep relaxes the meridianal points of entry and exit and allows the energy of the universe to enter all the acupuncture points, travel through all the meridians, and reach and recharge every cell in your body. The next morning when you awaken, your battery is recharged and your energy level is high again. Like the battery and generator in your car, the human battery recharges automatically—if everything is functioning as it should be. If everything functions excellently, everything takes care of itself and you do not have to do anything. But when you do not sleep well, the natural processes are blocked. For example if insomnia due to worries or constant thoughts prevents you from getting the sound sleep you need, your battery will not be properly recharged.

In order to get a good night’s sleep, you must let go of all the problems and worries of the day. Tell yourself that you will deal with them tomorrow and that what you really need is relaxation and rest. This may be the reason why Jesus instructed us to avoid carrying our anger with us past sunset. We must let everything go and sleep.

Sometimes energy gained from food and sleep is not enough to compensate for the stress, tension, and anxiety incurred from certain lifestyles. Sometimes blockages in your “battery” may prevent it from being recharged. In these cases recharging the irreplaceable battery must be done through a process called “rebirth.”

Sex usually depletes your battery, if the methods recommended by Taoism are ignored. Because sex causes a great deal of tension—and tension closes up the meridianal points of entry and exit—the body’s ability to receive energy is blocked. Moreover, a person with a very low energy level will drain a great deal of energy away from the partner. In fact, a person will lose energy even if both partners have the same energy level. This is why many people suffer from post-coital depression after sex.

To counteract the aging effects of sex, one must be “reborn.” Rebirth is the continuous elevation of energy levels through exercising the sexual organs. This is the other purpose of the sexual organs: not only do they contribute to the creation of a child, but they also contribute to the rebirth of the individual.


Taoists refer to the sexual glands as the “stove.” A “stove” is where “fire,” or sexual energy, is generated. Without a stove, fire can not be generated or utilized properly. Then no one will be able to “cook anything”—support life. Many of the vital functions of the body depend on sexual energy. The terms stove and fire, ancient alchemical terms from the days when this information was kept very secret, describe a part of the process of rebirth.

Another ancient alchemical term is water. Water represents all the secretions from the kidneys, bladder, adrenals, lymphatic system, and sexual organs (hormones or sexual fluids). This term also represents the organs and glands from which these secretions are derived.

Taoist teachings state that one must be born of water and spirit; interestingly, Jesus said the same thing: “Verily, Verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and [of] the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” Your sexual organs and your urinary organs are considered to be “sister organs” in Taoism. They are linked because both are related to the water element, both share similar openings and anatomical areas, and both have reciprocal effects upon each other—that is, both either strengthen or weaken each other in a never-ending cycle.

Detailed explanations of the above subject, constituting an enormous subject area in Taoism, will be given in the book The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom.


Your chronological age, the number of years you have lived, may be one indicator of your age, but your biological age is your actual age, because it reflects your body’s health and indicates the extent of morphological change. A prime indicator of biological age is the condition of the anus, that is, the tightness of the anal sphincter muscles. The anal sphincter muscles belong to the same energy unit as the sexual glands. When the sexual glands are strong, the anal muscles are also strong. When the sexual glands are weak, the anal muscles are also weak. An example of the former relationship is the difficulty involved in inserting something as thin as a thermometer into the anus of an infant. The tightness of infantile anuses persists until the need to defecate causes the anus to loosen; otherwise, it remains tightly closed. In adults the anal muscles are much weaker: the anus can become so loose and flaccid that many people will have difficulty controlling their wastes when they are releasing intestinal gases—a condition indicating old age. Furthermore, if a stroke or heart attack has made a person unhealthy, that person will not be able to control his or her bowel movements. Often they cannot hold wastes at all. The older a person is, biologically speaking, the looser the anus becomes.

The anus can be used not only to measure biological age, but also to change biological age. It is possible to lower biological age through the practice of the Deer Exercise, which is explained in the book The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom. The Deer Exercise makes use of muscular motions to exercise the sexual glands internally to revitalize them.

All this information is not even 10% of an entire book of solid facts and techniques. More information about the simple origins of rectal or prostate cancer is provided along with the simple method of prevention. Why and how the size and shape of the penis can be improved upon through completely safe, natural, no-cost, pleasurable ways. Prevent heart attacks due to incorrect technique. The secret of Injaculation, through which a man can retain his precious vital energy and maintain his erection and athletic prowess, is revealed. How this technique facilitates a woman being brought up through the nine levels of a complete Taoist orgasm is explained.

For women, the simple cause of cervical cancer, infertility, kidney problems, or a myriad of health problems is revealed along with their simple solutions. Techniques that bring unparalleled pleasure to a partner while assuring his health are revealed. Learn techniques that bring unparalleled pleasure as well as vibrant health, youth and beauty.

For both men and women, the true meaning of compatibility is explained as well as face-reading techniques that prevent conflict (no, body-language reading is not involved). A completely safe, side-effect-free, reversible-at-will, no-cost birth control method is explained. Secret time-tested and simple rules that strengthen a family unit are revealed. So is a surefire technique that overcome exhaustion and tight schedules to strengthen the bond between a couple. Secret techniques that increase child intelligence, wisdom, health, etc. are revealed.

Yet there is still more, as explained below.




    1. The Tao of Philosophy
    2. The Tao of Revitalization
    3. The Tao of Balanced Diet
    4. The Tao of Forgotten Food Diet
    5. The Tao of Healing Art
    6. The Tao of Sex Wisdom
    7. The Tao of Mastery
    8. The Tao of Success
    1. The Human Battery
    2. Rebirth
    3. The Anus: An Indicator of Age
    4. Cleansing the Anus
    5. The Use of Sunlight


    1. The Penis: How to Change Its Size and Shape
    2. Prostate Gland Massage
    3. Ejaculation
    4. The Million-Dollar Point (Injaculation vs Ejaculation, Prolongation of Arousal, Longevity)
    5. The Deer Exercise for Men (Rejuvenation and Increased Arousal Period)
    6. Instructions for the Deer Exercise
    7. Determination of Male Physical Problems
    8. Male Masturbation and Reflexology
    9. Rhythm Theory
    10. Impotence
    11. Circumcision
    1. The Breasts
    2. The Vagina
    3. Care of the Vagina
    4. Orgasm in Women: The Nine Levels
    5. Female Masturbation and Reflexology
    6. The Deer Exercise for Women (Healing and Rejuvenation)
    7. Instructions for the Deer Exercise
    8. Menstruation
    9. Female Problems
    10. Frigidity


    1. The Holdbacks: Superior Orgasm
    2. Advanced Superior Orgasm
    3. The Healing Effects of Holdbacks on Men
    4. Sets of Nine
    5. Healing Positions
    6. The Eight Healing Positions for Men
    7. The Seven Healing Positions for Women
    8. Other Healing Positions
    9. Treating Lower Back Pain
    10. Times of Day Affecting Healing
    11. General Healing Positions
    12. Morning and Evening Prayers
    13. Golden Rules of Marriage
    14. Golden Rules of the Family
    1. Choosing a Partner
    2. Facial Analysis: Determining the Sexual Organs
    3. The Forbiddens
    4. Eugenics
    5. Choosing the Sex of a Child
    6. The Theory Behind Sex Determination


    1. Advanced Deer Exercise
    2. Affairs
    3. Bathing
    4. Body Odor
    5. Celibacy
    6. Comments on Birth Control Methods
    7. Determination of Prostate Problems
    8. Diet
    9. Drugs
    10. Ejaculation
    11. Energy
    12. Fantasies
    13. Fertility
    14. The Five Abilities
    15. The Five Virtues of the Penis
    16. The Five Virtues of the Rectum
    17. Foreplay
    18. Heart Problems
    19. Hiatal Hernia
    20. Homosexuality
    21. Hormones
    22. Intelligence
    23. Male Afterplay
    24. Oral Sex
    25. Sadomasochism
    26. The Seven Seeds
    27. The Spoon Exercise
    28. Statistical Research
    29. Venereal Diseases




Charles F.:
I am a man, 84 years old, now in a nursing facility―has been for two years. I wound up practically impotent and have not had sexual intercourse for ten or fifteen years. Plus cardiac arrest and a pulmonary collapse in 1978 that resulted in a pacemaker in 1985; plus prostate surgery in 1985; a cataract operation (right eye in 1988). So I’m bits & pieces, but for the last year or more I have been exercising regularly and since reading your book have put into practise many of your sexual exercises―with the result that I am again a sexual man. I can do four sets of nine, holdbacks, and achieved a 90 degree erection.

Joseph H.:
I loved your book The Tao of Sexology very much. Already I feel I have benefited immensely from reading it and [have] begun to practice some of the techniques you prescribe. It is just priceless.

Kerwin W.:
Thank you for your book The Tao of Sexology. I think it is a unique, benign and valuable publication for this day and age, since it stresses the spiritual aspect of sexuality.

Robert S.:
I have read the book The Tao of Sexology by Dr. Stephen T. Chang. It was well written with moral values in mind.

Malinda R.:
From what I have experienced with the deer exercise, it helps to keep my breast in a firm shape.

Forrest H.:
Pricewise, it’s contents are priceless. A great contribution.

Charles B.:
It is a great book―easy reading and a large quantity of info that I didn’t know existed.

Beverly N.:
Last night [my husband] read a little of your book The Tao of Sexology . . . and did the deer exercise for the first time. . . . Strangely there has, in the last week or so been a stronger emotional/spiritual bonding between us. There has been a deeper understanding although we have not made love since the 6th of February. . . . Still I feel hopeful that life, individually and together, now has hope for recovery. I no longer carry the deep resentment towards him I did not fully realize I embraced. I am calmer and more patient.

Donna G.:
I have been reading a book called The Tao of Sexology by Stephen Chang. I want to tell you how much I love it. I couldn’t put it down and I have been doing the deer exercise for women and I feel great. I have been to several doctors because of a hormonal imbalance I have, but the exercise has helped me. It is the best book I have invested in. I am so delighted that I found it!

Larry G.:
I was given The Tao of Sexology by a doctor and would like to express my thanks for Mr. Chang sharing the infinite wisdom of the Taoist.

Rasul A.:
I found the book by Dr. Chang a concentrated effort of illumination and inspiration. . . . Although I am an orthodox muslim I am unable to praise Dr. S.T.C. for that is reserved for the almighty one and no one besides, however I am able to extend my sincerest gratitude and respect and honor towards his commitment, constancy, and excellence towards his scholarly pursuits.

Patrick L.:
I purchased your book "The Tao of Sexology" a number of months back and found both the book and topics of Taoism extremely interesting. One element that I found particularly interesting was the practice of the male deer exercises; both phase one and two. The book makes the assertion that upon ejaculation the body loses a tramendous amount of energy and nourishment and that by adopting Taoistic sexology one can reinvigorate the endocrine system, infuse chakra energy centers from the base chakras to the crown chakra as well as turn white hairs back to their original pigmentation. After months of practicing these methods I have experienced everything that the book has mentioned. The one aspect that I'm not sure about is whether or not this formerly depleted energy resource that is now being reincorporated will eventually restore my few white hairs that have been unfortunately multiplying in recent years.... I have observed a number of seemingly new red colored hairs which could be the primary stage of recoloration or they simply may have existed previously before I started scrutinizing each aberration after I initiated these exercizes.

End of this Chapter

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